1. pest control Sacramento

    Fall Critter Series (Part One)

    It seems that every time we write a blog we talk about what time of year it is and what critter or pest is planning on infiltrating your home. We have talked about bedbugs, rats, spiders, stinkbugs and even cockroaches. The bottom line is, in Sacramento, the creepy crawlies are present all year round and they are probably looking for a way into you home as we speak. Like little burglars, there may…Read More

  2. Spring Forward

    Well it is that time of year again. The cosmic anomaly that causes the time to shift and humans all over the country are denied an hour of sleep. (Except for Arizona of course who is a conduit to another dimension and is immune.) Seriously, the time change can be worse than jet lag and it can leave you feeling like a zombie for days. What is good about the “spring forward” phenomenon? Nothing.…Read More

  3. Rodent Control is The Plan

    You are eating a bowl of gazpacho in the shade of your back patio and you start to get the feeling that you are being watched. You try and ignore it but the feeling is simply too strong to shake, it is creepy on a whole new level. The problem is, you simply can't tell just what or who is watching you. The next morning you attempt breakfast on the patio, and the same thing happens. Then you remembe…Read More

  4. Commercial Rodent Infestations

    The integrity of your business is dependent upon many things. They may run the gamut between top-notch advertising to free donuts on fridays. The one thing that will sink your business faster than anything else, is a rodent infestation. Customers tend to view a place of business with visible evidence of rodent activity as and extremely dirty environment. This is not always true. Don’t Blame Your…Read More

  5. The Ritual

    It is a big day today, not just for the solar cycle and the earth but in the life of mice everywhere. Today represents a huge day in the life of a mouse. It is the first day of summer in Sacramento and the sun does something to indicate this. What that is, I don't really know. In the general social culture of a mouse, the summer solstice is the day when the younger members of the nest become adult…Read More

  6. Evicting Mice

    Have you ever felt as if you were not alone in your home, as if something was watching you? Perhaps your cookies have been torn into, your apples have been nibbled on, and your dog’s food has mysteriously spattered about the floor. Bad dog, you think, but what if it isn’t good old Spot? What if something else is lurking in your home? These are signs of a mouse or several mice depending on the …Read More

  7. Use These Signs As Rodent Control This Winter

    Rodents are furry little critters that try and make their home inside your home during the winter. That’s just not acceptable. You spend your hard earned money to ensure your home can protect you and your family; you just don’t have the extra resources to support the community rat pack. It’s a great idea to get a free quote for a rodent inspection to ensure your house has the proper defense …Read More

  8. We Bet You’ve Never Heard Of These Rodent Traps

    When rodents infiltrate our lives, we need to put on our thinking caps and come up with an exterminating solution. A solution that will last. A solution that is like no other. A solution that will get that rodent problem under control for the sanity of your family and the cleanliness of your home. Sure, you can head to your local hardware store and get a snap trap, but that involves removing a par…Read More

  9. Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Home

    There’s no better way to get mice and other rodents out of your home than to never let them in at the beginning. Rodent proofing your house is a necessary chore to make your lives easier and better in the future. Just as you enjoy living in your home, rodents want to move in as well. No, means no, rodents! It’s essential to be thorough about your preventive rodent control for your home in Sacr…Read More

  10. Traps And Other Methods Of Killing Mice

    Get the pesky mice out of your home for good with traps and poison that kills them on the spot. Sometimes it’s possible to successfully get rodents out of your home without killing, but if there is a larger infestation, killing can be the best rodent control method for your home in Sacramento. Killing mice doesn’t have to be brutal and bloody. These three ways allow you to kill a mouse that mo…Read More