Have you ever felt as if you were not alone in your home, as if something was watching you? Perhaps your cookies have been torn into, your apples have been nibbled on, and your dog’s food has mysteriously spattered about the floor. Bad dog, you think, but what if it isn’t good old Spot? What if something else is lurking in your home? These are signs of a mouse or several mice depending on the damage and amount of missing food.

Indicators You Have Mice

Other ways to determine if a mouse is hiding in your house include things like traffic patterns, entrance debris, sounds, and mouse droppings. Mice have very specific traffic patterns. A lot of the time, mice will push themselves up against walls as they navigate to feel protected. The mouse feels safe while traveling against the wall, but will often leave a trail of dirt along the wall he uses to get to and from his food source. If you find excess debris around your house, it could be the sign of a mouse building a cozy little nest somewhere within your home. Mice like cozy and warm spaces, so they may decide to post up in your ceiling or walls. Listen for scratching or movement if you think you may have an unexpected visitor, or two. One of the most obvious ways to identify if there is a mouse in your house is fecal matter. Mouse droppings and urine can generally be found near where the mouse is nesting or eating.

Noble Way, We Get Rid of Mice

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