Our first visit will include a thorough Inspection of your home to determine what pests are present and where they may be coming from.  We will complete an Interior and Exterior treatment of your home. The pests observed by the Technician and homeowner will determine the manner of treatment and products used for the most effective result.  Your ongoing Maintenance services thereafter will include removal of the spider webs and wasps nests from the lower eaves, windows and entryways.  Noble Way will also inspect the outside of your home to find all the areas where insects hide and breed and treat effectively for those.  Interior services are included with your Maintenance program however, they are upon request.  With Noble Way performing the exterior services on a regular schedule, interior services are only occasionally needed.  We do offer a Natural Product for the environment and our homeowners.  At times with some situations and pests they may respond better to other products that have been developed and formulated to be very effective for targeted pests.

Our Sacramento pest control services treat a wide variety of different insects and critters, including the following.

Ants, Bees, and Wasps

These three critters make-up one of the largest categories of insects. Ants can quietly roam around and become a big problem before you ever notice them. In order to completely exterminate ants from your home, it is often best to track them back to their colony and exterminate them at the source.

The bright black and yellow winged wasps that are referred to as yellow jackets are common in California. Wasps seek shelter and food in and around your home, and can disrupt any summer BBQ or make their way inside if your home is not properly sealed. We help eliminate wasp nesting habitat and close off entryways into residences.

Bees are not considered as large of a pest as wasps, and there are alternative ways to distance them from your home other than complete extermination. Bee hives can be relocated, and habitat for pollination can be provided in near-by areas to help distance them from your home.

Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, bed bugs thrive and feed off of the blood of humans and other mammals. These critters are primarily nocturnal and are capable of easily going undetected while feeding. As the name states, bed bugs primarily settle down where we sleep, and usually are most active at night due to their aversion to sunlight. Upon completing a thorough investigation of your home, we create strategic plans to permanently rid your home of bed bugs.


There is arguably not a more repulsive pest to find in your home than a cockroach. There are five species of cockroach commonly found in California, and our extermination team has dealt with them all. Growing up to two inches long, these critters find homes in dark, moist areas and typically come out at night. We partner with homeowners to not just exterminate roaches but to identify what is attracting them in the first place. We have a variety of tools that we can use to exterminate these pests, including bait stations and glue traps.


Fleas are tiny, reddish-brown insects that typically reside on animals and domestic pets. Often times an animal like a raccoon will come in close enough contact with your house to introduce re-populating fleas on your pet. Treating and grooming your pet is an important part of flea control, but there are also further steps that we can take at Noble Way in order to ensure that they are not making their way into your home. If you are in need of a flea exterminator, give us a call.


Spider control is one of our most common pest control services. Arachnids are a very diverse group of pests that are found all over the country. While most types of spiders that you might find in your home are harmless, there are several species that homeowners should be cautious of. Spiders can spread quickly, and a female house spider can lay more than 1,500 eggs throughout her life. Having a large pile of wood or debris near your home could provide spiders a great place to reproduce and provide easy access into your attics, crawl spaces, and living areas. Give us a call if you are in need of spider control services.


Termites can enter homes through the smallest cracks that are nearly naked to the human eye. A termite colony can begin eating away at different types of wood in your house long before you ever notice. In addition, some types of termites fly in from above while others enter from the soil, making them seem like something out of a horror movie. Noble Way Pest Control provides preventative termite treatment action such as wood treatments, as well as advanced solutions to actively fight existing termite populations.


Birds are a beautiful and integral part of our ecosystems, but in some cases need to be carefully removed from homes. When the wrong type of bird takes up a home in the wrong place, they can become an annoying problem in your everyday life. Noble Way Pest Control handles bird re-locating to ensure that all parties involved are content with the outcome. One of the most common of these birds are pigeons. Particularly in commercial buildings, pigeons can make their way in through loading docks and other large entrances. We work hard to relocate birds and take preventative action to ensure that they are not a problem in the future.


Many of us have experienced the brief moment of startling fear when we see a mouse scamper across the floor. Whether they be mice, rats, or squirrels, rodents are some of the largest and most disturbing pests to find in your home. The experienced team at Noble Way Pest Control can reveal the hiding spots of rodents in your home and ensure that they will not be taking up residence in your living areas again. We have been serving Sacramento for over years with rat and mouse control services. Reach out today!

Got Rodents?

Rats are known to carry many diseases. Elimination of rats starts with a thorough inspection of the infested areas. Our trained technicians will locate the heavily trafficked areas where the rats are most prevalent. Then we’ll design a rodent control program that is fit for you and your wallet. The consultation is free!

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