Welcome to Noble Way Pest Control, for your source of prompt, courteous, and reliable pest control services in and around the Sacramento area. We offer pest control maintenance, inspections, and rodent control; we are your number one pest control company in Sacramento.

Are you a homeowner who has begun to notice pests on your property and are wondering when it may be necessary to hire some kind of professional pest control Sacramento service? If so, then you may want to begin by assessing the specific situation through a series of steps in order to determine what course of action will be best for you. From there, you can have the confidence in knowing what steps you will need to follow in order to get the pest situation at your home under control, regardless of whether you are dealing with insects such as bed bugs, rodents, or any other type of infestation.

Serving Sacramento For Over 30 Years

For over 30 years family owned and operated, Noble Way has been a leader in pest control innovation for Sacramento pest control.  We strive to be an industry leader while being environmentally friendly and protecting your home from pests.  The product we use is a high performance botanical-based pyrethrum with SmartCap technology; our natural product is effective and controls more than 50 pests around your home

The Noble Way Pest Control offers the best services in the area for all homeowners. Don’t worry about high and unreasonable costs, we make sure our prices fit your budget and match the quality of service you can expect from a Sacramento pest control company.

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