dreamstime_l_22702266Well it is that time of year again. The cosmic anomaly that causes the time to shift and humans all over the country are denied an hour of sleep. (Except for Arizona of course who is a conduit to another dimension and is immune.) Seriously, the time change can be worse than jet lag and it can leave you feeling like a zombie for days. What is good about the “spring forward” phenomenon? Nothing. There is not one good thing about it and it is apparently a heated issue in state governments all over the country. (As if moving the clocks around was our greatest challenge as a country.) Okay, so the time change indicates at least one thing; time to change your smoke alarm batteries. Leave it to a marketing firm out there to turn a cosmic event, like the time change, into a battery sales bonanza. Come the morning of March 12th not a 9 volt will be found anywhere.

Summertime Pest Control Plan of Action

At Noble Way Pest Control, we propose a new use for the time change. Use it as the day when you think about your pest control options for the coming summer. We all know that, like CPA’s at tax time, the critters will be knocking at your door this summer. The time is now to make a summertime pest control plan and if you are looking for the best pest control contractor in Sacramento, look no further than Noble Way Pest Control. The beginning of spring is a magical time for all of those creepy crawly invaders. If you are a rodent you are, no doubt, welcoming a new generation of babies into the world. It is a magical time.


Mouse Invasion

Did you know that mice can have up to 40 babies a year? Yeah that is pretty nasty. The big question is, where will those babies end up? Well, a lot of them will be eaten by all sorts of predators, reptiles, and patrons of the Mousehouse food truck in Sacramento. (Yeah we don’t get it either.) If you have a pest control plan, you have a much greater chance of never seeing a mouse in your own home. How do we accomplish that? Simple, we will come in and do a comprehensive inspection of your home and establish possible entry points for rats, mice, and other critters. We will identify the problem areas and fix the issues. After identifying the entry points and reducing their effectiveness. The entire area around your home is treated with our proprietary blend of natural pest deterrent. We use what is known as pyrethrin and it is derived from a plant. We spray your home and 20 feet out from the building.

Proven Pest Control

The effectiveness of the Noble Way system has been proven and will create a safer environment for you and your family. So when you turn those clocks back this weekend, think about, just how stupid it is, and then think about giving Noble Way Pest Control a call for your spring treatment.