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It seems that every time we write a blog we talk about what time of year it is and what critter or pest is planning on infiltrating your home. We have talked about bedbugs, rats, spiders, stinkbugs and even cockroaches. The bottom line is, in Sacramento, the creepy crawlies are present all year round and they are probably looking for a way into you home as we speak. Like little burglars, there may be a crew of mice sniffing at the foundation of your home, hoping for a way in. Regardless of the time of year, this is happening to your home. Think of it as a great army of bugs is attacking from all sides with little trebuchets and divisions of archers. This is why you need to contact the most complete pest control in Sacramento, Noble Way.

Repelling the Invasion

As the days grow shorter and the weather becomes much more mild, the critters make that much more of an effort to get into you home. This is why you need a proven defence to repel the invasion. At Noble Way, we are experts at keeping your home safe from bugs, rodents and even termites. This is no small feat and many pest control contractors simply walk around with a sprayer. We are knowledgeable about the critters that love to get into your house and that is the key to our success. We know where to look and we can prevent them from getting in.


Rodents are much more complex than the insects we treat. The life cycle of a rat is pretty fascinating if you are a ratologist (do they have those?) but if you are a normal human the whole thing is pretty disgusting. They begin life as little pink squirming creatures that are like Michael Phelps, completely hairless. They do not open their beady little eyes for a few days but when they do, it’s on. They are ready to get busy only five weeks after they are born which means that within two months you could have double the rats that initially broke into your home.

Contact Noble Way Pest Control Today!

In this case you can do one of two things, get a cat or call an exterminator. Cats, however cute they are, walk in their own urine and stand on your counters. Why do they do this? Because cats fundamentally have contempt for their humans, it is speculated that they are silently planning for world domination. These theories are generally from those who have been abducted by a UFO and been given proprietary information from the feline home planet. Needless to say it is up for debate. The alternative is to give the rodent experts at Noble Way Pest Control a call. We will assess the situation and deal with the rodents accordingly. It is easy to control your rear round rodent issues with Noble Way. We won’t show you contempt, walk in our own urine, and you can bet we will not walk on your counters. Noble Way Pest Control for the win.