It is a big day today, not just for the solar cycle and the earth but in the life of mice everywhere. Today represents a huge day in the life of a mouse. It is the first day of summer in Sacramento and the sun does something to indicate this. What that is, I don’t really know. In the general social culture of a mouse, the summer solstice is the day when the younger members of the nest become adults. The ritual is complex and not entirely understood by humans, what we do know, is that the little buggers must do the ritual inside of your house. I have two words for you my friend:Rodent Control.

The Awakeningrodent control sacramento

So how does this annual ritual work? As I said before we really don’t know, but what has been observed is documented in this rare transcript as follows.

0500: Dave’s house, the mice appear to be amassing around the edge of the fire pit keeping warm with coals from the previous evening’s bonfire. The mice are milling around not really doing much, like an office party.

0600: The developments over the last hour have been unprecedented and it is difficult to know what is going on at this point.

0623: The elders have led the young into a small archway shaped hole in the side of Dave’s house.

So is this actually how mice get into your house? Of course not, but when they do, Noble Way Pest Control will take care of the infestation for you. Call today and get rid of the mice invading your home.