You are eating a bowl of gazpacho in the shade of your back patio and you start to get the feeling that you are being watched. You try and ignore it but the feeling is simply too strong to shake, it is creepy on a whole new level. The problem is, you simply can’t tell just what or who is watching you. The next morning you attempt breakfast on the patio, and the same thing happens. Then you remember, the other day you found some rodent droppings in the pantry and your subconscious must be playing tricks on you. Now you can’t stop thinking about a hundred beady little eyes staring out at you from your own home. Time to call Noble Way Pest Control for a rodent mitigation sweep.

Black Ops

It will be like a covert operation and the rodents will have no idea what is in store for them. Noble Way is extremely equipped to eradicate the disgusting critters from your home. We will determine what sort of rodent is calling your home its own, and form a plan of attack. Our technicians are highly trained in the behavior and habits of rodents, particularly rats. Rats can be problematic in your home because of their ability to transmit diseases. It is vital to the safety of you and your family that rodent infestations are squashed as soon as possible.

The Plan

Our technicians will devise their plan based on the information they find. Rat nests, rat droppings and rat thoroughfares are all investigated. The places where the rats are getting in are identified and repaired, creating a rat free zone in your home. All of our services are designed to be affordable and effective. Please let us know if you have any questions about rodent infestation or any other pest related issues. Noble Way Pest Control we are here to help contact us today!