Get the pesky mice out of your home for good with traps and poison that kills them on the spot. Sometimes it’s possible to successfully get rodents out of your home without killing, but if there is a larger infestation, killing can be the best rodent control method for your home in Sacramento. Killing mice doesn’t have to be brutal and bloody. These three ways allow you to kill a mouse that moved into your home without too much of a mess.

Snap Trap

The age-old trap with cheese is still a successful method for trapping and killing rodents in your home. While cheese is the standard treat to bait in the mice, peanut butter has proven to be just as effective because the mouse cannot sneak away with the snack without setting off the trap. The sticky peanut butter forces the rodent to use more force to get the treat which snaps the trap quicker.

Glue Traps

What appears to be a standard, cardboard to-go box is actually a glue trap for rodents. A very sticky adhesive is stuck to the inside of the box. When you leave it open near the mouse’s entryway to your home, it immediately gets caught in the glue. After a bit of time, the mouse dies of starvation and you can dispose of the box altogether. No blood or mess at all!

Rodent Poison

A word of caution – be careful with where you place the poison and how you dispose of it. The last thing we want is for the poison to be improperly disposed and harm natural wildlife. Therefore, if you elect to use a poison, choose one that requires multiple exposures to fully kill the mouse. Rodents are skeptical creatures by nature, so the less obvious the poison is, the greater the effect will be in the long run.