There’s no better way to get mice and other rodents out of your home than to never let them in at the beginning. Rodent proofing your house is a necessary chore to make your lives easier and better in the future. Just as you enjoy living in your home, rodents want to move in as well. No, means no, rodents! It’s essential to be thorough about your preventive rodent control for your home in Sacramento, CA.

Walk The Perimeter

It’s best to start with a perimeter walk around your home. Any large or small gaps in the foundation, doors, windows or other possible entrances must be sealed or blocked. Mice are very small creatures which means they can fit through tiny cracks. So even if you think to yourself that the small crack between your front door and bottom floor is way too small for anything to fit through, think again. Mice have flexible (and very little number of) bones, so it is not difficult for them to squeeze right in. If your home needs a lot of work for a successful rodent prevention, a rodent control spray can be applied to repel the nasty pests.

Noble Way Pest Control, Local Professionals

Noble Way Pest Control has specialized in rodent control in Sacramento for the past 20 years. In that time, we have mastered the methods of rodent movement and habitat qualities, so it is natural for us to locate and dismantle any established paths or rodent residences. Noble Way offers a free inspection for rodent problems at your home. Following the inspection, we will create a unique rodent control program just for you and your wallet.