Rodents are furry little critters that try and make their home inside your home during the winter. That’s just not acceptable. You spend your hard earned money to ensure your home can protect you and your family; you just don’t have the extra resources to support the community rat pack. It’s a great idea to get a free quote for a rodent inspection to ensure your house has the proper defense for rodents. Then, you can stay alert through the winter by noticing these signs of rodent intrusion. At first signal, call on your local rodent control company – Noble Way Pest Control – for speedy service in Sacramento.

It’s Poop!

Droppings are the first sign of a local rodent. Whether inside your home or on your property, rodent droppings are a sure sign of critters. Sure, if it’s away in your yard, chances are the rodent was passing through. However, if it’s up close to your home’s foundations, chances are they’re searching for the spot to enter. If you find droppings inside your home, put on your detective hat and follow those droppings! You’ll find the entrance in no time.


Rodents often like to sleep in a soft bed of fabrics, stuffing, grass, and twigs. Did you see an odd pile of these gathered together? It’s likely a critter nest. When critters get too comfortable, they’ll stick around. Keep them guessing by transporting the nest away from your home; be mindful to keep it protected from the harsh winter elements.

Pet Frenzy

Has Cujo been acting abnormally? How about Miss Kitty? Has she been pawing at the door, begging to go outside on a rodent hunt? Pets have uncanny instincts for other animal interaction. If your pets are acting anxious or a bit nuts, you likely have critters in your yard that your pets are excited to chase down.

Again, call on Noble Way Pest Control at any sign of rodents. We guarantee our services. Following our initial service, if rodents come back, so will we – at no extra charge to you!