1. Why Do Pests Like Your Home?

    Have you recently found bugs in your home? It’s hard to believe that pests want to live in your house. There’s no grass to crawl, no flowers to eat, and no dirt floor. I’m sure your place is a lovely home, but why do the bugs like it? Seasonal Changes When the weather changes and gets cold outside, the bugs gravitate toward the warmth of your home. The ground freezes so bugs can’t burrow t…Read More

  2. Exterminate Bed Bugs Once & For All

    Pest control is something that many people don’t think about. It isn’t something on your mind that just pops up randomly, and so when you realize that you’ve got a pest or rodent problem on your hands in Sacramento, CA, you need to know exactly where to go to get the help you need! At Noble Way Pest Control, you can get all of the pest and rodent control you need. From raccoons to bed bugs, …Read More

  3. When Buying A House In Sacramento, Look For Pest Infestation Signs

    Here at The Noble Way Pest Control, we like doing things the right way: the noble way. We not only want to service your homes and businesses to help you with rodent and pest control in Sacramento, but we also want to help the members of our community by giving sound advice and recommendations. As the housing market is on the rise, we're getting a lot of our customers and potential customers asking…Read More

  4. Control Your Home’s Environment

    Keep It Clean In our previous post, we gave you the basic information that you would need to know about what we do and where we do it! Today however, we will be giving you the specifics that you need to be aware of, so that you can know you are getting the services that you need to have your pest problem controlled once and for all. Pests are annoying, dirty and can get in the way of daily life, a…Read More

  5. Deal with a Pest’s Circle of Life With Our Help

    Fall Critters Now that fall has arrived, all of the creepy crawlers are starting to make their way through the cracks of your home to find themselves a place to stay warm throughout the colder times. Even though Sacramento doesn’t experience an extreme climate change when the seasons change, the rodents and pests will be sure to find their way into your home without flaw. The slightest drop in …Read More

  6. Our Eradication of Rats – Pest Control in Sacramento

    Rats In The Pantry From black rats to brown rats, the fear of having them within your home is completely understandable. They crawl around and creep around in ways that make people’s “skin crawl.” They move around in ways that are some of most annoying and pest-like ways imaginable. Their little claws can be heard above ceilings and within the walls, causing all sorts of vibrations and diffe…Read More

  7. Bee and Wasp Nests Be Gone – Pest Control, Sacramento

    The last thing that any family wants to experience is an infiltration of wasps, bees and/or hornets, which is why we feel great about providing the necessary pest control in Sacramento to extinguish this problematic concern. Families are right in thinking that they should be weary and even scared of pests such as these, as the encompass venoms and stingers that can seriously disrupt a human being…Read More

  8. A Natural Pyrethrin Plant Product Provides Fantastic Pest Control in Sacramento

    From the very beginning of our arrival, you'll be treated with the utmost respect and dignity you deserve. Our highly trained technicians are not only well versed in this particular profession, but well versed in the art of communication. They not only know how to take care of any infestation you may have, but they'll take care of any future concerns you may have, all while being courteous and kin…Read More

  9. Our Pest Control In Sacramento Reaches Deep Into Homes

    Are you exhausted by all the little pests that are crawling throughout your home? Have you tried fixing this problem yourself but haven't been able to be successful? Well don't feel embarrassed at all, as most people with this level of infiltration in their homes are quite hesitant in hiring a pest control service themselves. Having to hire a pest control business to take care of your home-invasio…Read More

  10. Bed Bug Pest Control in Sacramento

    Bed bugs are pesky creatures and can be difficult to spot. It’s important to keep an eye out and if you suspect you have bed bugs, call a pest control in Sacramento! Bed bugs are spread in public areas and live in furniture and clothing. Hotels, colleges, summer camps and other public places with furniture have more potential for infestation. Bed bugs can be transferred on clothes or in objects …Read More