Have you recently found bugs in your home? It’s hard to believe that pests want to live in your house. There’s no grass to crawl, no flowers to eat, and no dirt floor. I’m sure your place is a lovely home, but why do the bugs like it?

Seasonal Changes

When the weather changes and gets cold outside, the bugs gravitate toward the warmth of your home. The ground freezes so bugs can’t burrow to keep warm. The foliage and flowers are gone for the winter, so there’s no food; the bugs rely on those crumbs you drop from your breakfast toast.

You Invite Them

So you may not send out a formal e-vite, but by leaving your front door, back door or garage door open for even one minute can send bugs the false impression that you’re inviting them into your home. When you leave the door open, they simply walk right in. They come into your house because they think you’re welcoming them!

They’re Hungry

Certain pests, such as termites, enjoy eating the wood in your home. They sneak in through the cracks in your foundation or walls. Termites are detritivores meaning they thrive on dying or dead things. This includes the dead trees that became the wood frame for your home.

Essentially, pest control is necessary to live a bug-free life. Stay tuned for our next blog about how to keep your home pest-free. Contact us today for information about getting rid of bedbugs and any other pests you may have in your home.