It was a dark and stormy night, the first time the bugs entered Sacramento. These bloodthirsty creatures wandered through the hilly streets, searching for a place to hide from the storm. One by one they marched as the thunder bellowed in the sky. The youngest of all bed bugs looked up into the sky to see the large drops of rain beginning to fall. After jumping to avoid the falling flood, the young bug motioned to find shelter from the storm. Just at that moment, a large crack of lightning struck down to illuminate the city. The bugs saw a home across the street that had an open window. After looking both ways before crossing the street, the bed bugs scattered across the way, up the wall, and into the window. Shelter at last. cta3

Little did the bed’s owner know that the bugs invited themselves over for a sleepover. Young Toph was just a tyke and was calmed by the stormy breeze and the rocking of the thunder; he slept soundly in his bed.

The bugs gathered close to each other in the middle of the boy’s room. Although the house was keeping them warmer than the blustery streets, the bugs craved the hot temperatures that filled their bodies after a large feast. You see, bugs thirst on the blood of mammals. The eldest of the bugs kindly pointed out that the creature on the raised platform had a warm vibe and he would inspect further. The elder crawled up the posts and through the sheets until he found the young boy. After a quick inspection, the elder took a bite. The elder was right! The bug found blood for food. He scurried back through the sheets and down the post to alert the others. The thousands of bugs that had been on the journey raced up the posts, through the sheets, and to the boy. They began to bite – just enough to get a full drink – and the boy slept through the feast.

After the bugs feasted, they took to the comfortable sheets for a rest. It had been a long journey. Some stayed in the sheets while others moved back down to nestle in the carpet or explore the rest of this warm structure.

The morning next the boy’s mother arrived to wake the boy for the day only to find him covered in red spots! Toph was not expecting as shrill an alarm that morning, but was jolted awake at the sound along with his mother ripping the sheets off his nestled body. There was nothing but the boy to be found. Young Toph had no idea what happened to him the night of the storm, but his story is known as the one of the bed bugs.

Noble Way makes it our mission to stop these pestering bed bugs from feasting in your Sacramento home. If you’ve been visited by the blood-thirsty bed bugs, it’s time for pest control done the Noble Way. Call us today to report your story!