Here at The Noble Way Pest Control, we like doing things the right way: the noble way. We not only want to service your homes and businesses to help you with rodent and pest control in Sacramento, but we also want to help the members of our community by giving sound advice and recommendations. As the housing market is on the rise, we’re getting a lot of our customers and potential customers asking us questions about what to look for in terms of pests and rodents when buying a house.

Look For Signs of Pest Infestation

There are a ton of things to consider when buying a house aside from looking for a pest infestation. However, knowing the signs of a pest infestation can save you a lot of money that you’re planning to use for other things.

1. Active pests. This can be obvious, but it’s important. Do a little research and learn to identify different pests and where the most common ones like to hide.

2. Dead bugs indoors are also an indicator of an infestation, especially if you can find them on window ledges and basements.

3. Droppings are also a sure fire sign and as gross as it may seem, it pays to learn what some common pest droppings look like.

4. Rats and other rodents seek out and make nests out of whatever they can find. Using a flashlight, search all the nooks and crannies of your potential new house for red flags like shredded paper.

5. Odd smells and sounds can also be a hint of an infestation. Bed bugs can have a sweet, musty order while mice tend to give off a musty, urine smell. Roaches are said to have an “oily’ odor.  Listen for the pattering of rodent’s feet or their scratching.

Contact us today if you suspect and infestation of any kind.