Keep It Clean

In our previous post, we gave you the basic information that you would need to know about what we do and where we do it! Today however, we will be giving you the specifics that you need to be aware of, so that you can know you are getting the services that you need to have your pest problem controlled once and for all.

Pests are annoying, dirty and can get in the way of daily life, and that is where we step in. With 20 years of successful experience, we know we can give you the excellent customer service and results you are in the search for. First off, when you fill out the short form to the right of the screen, you will receive a free quote for pest control services! After we agree on the right pricing for your needed services, our team of professionals will make their way out to your Sacramento or Placer County home. We will first inspect your entire home. After we inspect what damage has been done, or where the pests are intruding from, we will be sure to get rid of any obvious causes of infestation, ie: cobwebs, wasps nests and more. After this, we will treat the perimeter of your home, being sure to only use natural pesticides so that your property or pets are not harmed in the process.

To learn more about our pest control, we invite you to give us a call! Be sure to check out our current specials too! Don’t miss out on a deal that could help you save some money while getting rid of the creepy crawlers in your home.