Congratulations! You’re embarking on a home buying adventure. This big step should not be taken lightly or quickly. While many banks will not grant you a home loan without a home inspection, it is equally important to get a pest inspection on your potential home without the requirement from the bank. The traditional home inspector will check for your home’s quality in areas like appliances, the carpet, and the roof, but who is looking at the hidden factors? Noble Way Pest Control is happy to provide a home pest inspection in Sacramento.

Beware of Termites

Termites ravage through a home’s structure, many times without the owner knowing. It can be years of termites feasting on the wooden structure before signs are apparent to the untrained eye. The professional inspection can detect any existing damage as well as opportunity for future damage. This indication can save you in the future. Either you will know that the house is structurally damaged and can stay away, or you can know the signs to prevent any damage in the future.

The Silent Assault

Termites give a quiet destruction, but it is a destruction indeed. In fact, more than $5 billion of property damage can be attributed to termites each year! This is the last thing you will want from your brand new home. Don’t fall into the termites trap. Ensure you are checking all faces of your potential home before rushing into a purchase that will cost more in the long run. Our pest control program in Sacramento is created with you in mind. If Noble Way clears your home or future home of pests, and then pests appear, Noble Way will return at no charge to you. We truly want your home to be perfect and, most importantly, pest free.