There are many disgusting pests in the world from rats, to wasps, to flies. We do our best to avoid them at all costs, but what do you do when one of these disgusting insects or rodents decides to make your home their home too? I remember back when I was young. I would spend every summer with my grandmother on the east coast. Her house always had a distinct smell, mothballs. Mothballs in every drawer in the house. Why? Moths love warm climates. Mothballs are a strong smelling moth repellent. They are designed to keep moths out of your home and away from your clothes and dry goods. They eat through fabric among other things. Moths will do anything that they can to get into your home. They enter through open doors and windows as well as any crevices or holes in screens.

The Moth

Moths are disgusting creatures. When a few get into your home, they will lay eggs. The larva will then hatch making more moths. They can be found in your cupboards and pantries munching on your dried goods. They love dog food, pasta, rice, crackers, granola, flour, nuts, and other dried goods. Keep these pests out for good with your local Sacramento pest control experts, Noble Way Pest Control. We will find where the moths are breeding and hatching and eliminate them at the source. We will kill any pests inside of your home and spray the exterior of your home to prevent any future pests from entering.