Have you ever thought about how many invasive species are present in this country? In California alone there are estimated to be at least 370 different non-native species thriving all around us. At Noble Way Pest Control, we do battle with native and invasive species on a daily basis. The Noble Way is committed to protecting our clients from pest infestation, termites, and rodents, regardless of where they come from.

What Are Invasive Species?

That question is much more complicated than it may seem. By definition, an invasive species is an organism that is not native to the area that it is found. There is also an element of damage that these interlopers can cause to the environment. Think of the case of pythons in the Everglades of Florida, these massive snakes were introduced into the habitat and have been thriving. Of course introducing a large predator like the python into an area that, traditionally, has not adapted to that type of huge predator. The ramifications have been stunning and wildlife officials have noticed a reduction in the number of deer and mammals around, all food for the big snakes.

Upsetting the Balance

If the environment is right, an invasive species will damage the balance of the natural order. But is it necessarily all bad? There are many different species that we rely on today that were originally invasive species here in North America. The horse for example could be considered an invasive species, as are pigs, and we rely on these animals to this day. So was it a bad thing that these creatures were introduced into this country? Either way, there is nothing that can be done about it. You know there is a guy who actually wants to put the Great Plains back to the way they once were, we are talking thousands of years ago, back when there were elephants and lions roaming around where Omaha would be today. That is just crazy.


A few of the critters we chase at Noble Way Pest control are invasive and the one that does the most damage is the subterranean termite. While not all of the termites here in the Sacramento area are of this invasive variety, we don’t care, we say — get rid of them all. Our termite control services have had massive success and we can have an inspection done on your home in as little as an hour and a half. Not only do we use exclusive removal methods that are proven to work, if the little critters do happen to return, we will come back and make sure we get rid of them. If you have noticed termite signs, or hear weird chewing noises in the middle of the night, it is time to call the termite control experts are Noble Way Pest Control. We pride ourselves on our professional, thorough approach to pest control, we are much more than your everyday exterminator, we are the Knights of the Noble Way. Contact us today for more information