1. Pest Control in the Time of Covid-19

    During these times of uncertainty and doubt, it can be tough to think about letting anyone into your home, even if they appear to be well. We want you to know that your local Sacramento area pest control experts from The Noble Way Pest Control value your health and safety, and that of your family. We know that many people who become infected with the COVID-19 virus have zero symptoms and feel fine…Read More

  2. Invasive Termites

    Have you ever thought about how many invasive species are present in this country? In California alone there are estimated to be at least 370 different non-native species thriving all around us. At Noble Way Pest Control, we do battle with native and invasive species on a daily basis. The Noble Way is committed to protecting our clients from pest infestation, termites, and rodents, regardless of w…Read More

  3. Do You Have A Hidden Pest Infestation? Let Noble Way Protect Your Home!

    It can happen before you even realize it. Picture this, you are spending a serene moment on the toilet playing your favorite candy smash game and movement catches your eye in the corner. Figures move and there is a slight scratching and small shadows playing on the wall. To your horror you realize that you are watching a pair of roaches carry off a dead mouse. Sounds like a pretty bad day, at leas…Read More

  4. Fall Critter Series – Spiders

    What is it about spiders that freaks everyone out so much? Could it be their eight legs scrambling across your wall? Their sticky webs grabbing out for you in the dark? What about the stories of those guys that wake up with a spider nest in their ear? Yeah many of us have an innate fear of spiders. At Noble Way Pest Control, we are not scared of spiders at all (ok maybe a little bit), but we are c…Read More