What is it about spiders that freaks everyone out so much? Could it be their eight legs scrambling across your wall? Their sticky webs grabbing out for you in the dark? What about the stories of those guys that wake up with a spider nest in their ear? Yeah many of us have an innate fear of spiders. At Noble Way Pest Control, we are not scared of spiders at all (ok maybe a little bit), but we are committed to ridding the spiders from our clients homes.

The Common Spider

Is there such thing as a common spider? Nope, they are all pretty much terrible. There is speculated to be over 46 thousand species of spider and that is just wrong. It is our goal to make sure that you never have to get out your trusty spider book and look up what kind of creepy spider has been hanging out in the corner for the last week. What is the motivation behind spiders moving in at this time of year? As we all know from movies, spiders are evil and their motivation is purely to scare the bejesus out of unsuspecting humans. While that is not true it can seem this way when you find spiders hiding in your basement. The bottom line is that spiders like dark places that afford them the best possible areas to hide and build their webs.

The Common Spider Web

As creepy and disgusting as spiders are, their webs are actually really cool, unless they are caught in your hair then they are just gross. Scientists say that the first spider crawled out of the water long ago and began building webs. According to scientists, spiders build webs so they would not have to chase down their food. So really, it is like having a drive through taco stand next to your house, they practically come right to you! Spider webs are made of silk that comes out of a spider’s abdomen. As cool as that is, it’s also disgusting.   

Getting Rid of The Spiders

Noble Way Pest Control utilizes a product that has been proven effective against a fall spider assault, spraying the entire perimeter of your home. We identify areas outside of your home, concentrating on the places that spiders might like to hide. Attacking the spider problem in this fashion is similar to creating an impenetrable barrier around your home. It will be like North Korea in your home, all of the weirdness can commence without letting in any spiders. Ok, not really the same but you get the idea. Now is the time to act if you want to prevent a spider infestation this fall. Noble Way proudly serves the residential pest control needs of Sacramento and the surrounding areas. With the holidays fast approaching and guests coming in from out of town, Be sure and contact us today to make sure your holiday guests are not scared away by a spider in their ear. Because nobody wants that. Contact Noble Way Pest Control today and get rid of those spiders today!