There are several reasons for thinking you might have a large pest burrowing somewhere outside or even under your home. If you’ve been hearing clawing or scratching sounds, you might have a opossum problem. If you’ve been hearing grunting noises or mating ruffles, then you might have a opossum problem. This is why you should retain our Placer County rodent control services. These types of rodents are household nuisances like no other.

Sacramento opossums have many features, characteristics, habits and nuisances:

  • They are nocturnal and they typically root through garbage, sometimes completely destroying garbage bins

  • They’ll take and eat your pet’s food, and then go eat it under your porch

  • Burrowing is an overwhelming instinct and habit for this animal

  • They can climb up onto tall porches, stairways, roofs and everything related

  • Eating of bird food from bird feeders has been known to happen

  • Opossums are well-known for killing poultry, such as chickens, ducks or other birds

  • The population and growth of this rodent can be attributed to human growth, since they live and thrive off of us as a species

  • placer country rodent controlPlus, they are not constrained or secluded to any particular habitat type

  • Can be found in rural areas, towns, cities and remote villages

  • Numerously found in wooded areas

  • Numerously found near bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, streams, creeks, seas and oceans

Since these little creatures are not territorial animals, they are even more of a threat to homeowners all over our part of the country. They are not seasonal in their habits either, as they can do what they do all year long, which is why we highly encourage the acquirement of our services!