1. The Nuisances of Opossums – Placer County Rodent Control

    There are several reasons for thinking you might have a large pest burrowing somewhere outside or even under your home. If you’ve been hearing clawing or scratching sounds, you might have a opossum problem. If you’ve been hearing grunting noises or mating ruffles, then you might have a opossum problem. This is why you should retain our Placer County rodent control services. These types of rode…Read More

  2. Placer County: Our Rodent Control Takes It Very Seriously

    We know that a rodent infestations can cause a ton of different types of problems for a home: health related issues, structural damage, depreciation of home's value, psychological issues, smells etc. Even those these problems are the beef of most of the issues caused by rodent infestations, we feel more than confident that our services will eliminate all of the problems associated with this nasty …Read More