pest control placer countyThere’s nothing worse for a home than a giant rat infestation. Rats not only tear the interiors of walls apart, furthering the actual physical damage to homes, but they also carry with them… many disgusting diseases. This infestation can cause so many health-related problems for the inhabitants of a home, it’s almost innumerable. It’s the health related problems that has us concerned, as we don’t want anyone in Placer County to exhibit any life-threatening symptoms that stem from rats.

King Rats

Not only are rats a brutal form of a rodent, as they are agents of destruction, but they can cause psychological problems with the diseases they bring in. Our pest control services take these physical and psychological problems very seriously, as we don’t want to see any of our fellow community members hurt, especially by rats. Our expertly trained technicians will root out the source of this infestation, which is typically by their breeding ground, and spray the whole area down with a pre-formulated rat-killing solution we’ve developed.

The Best Pest Control Technicians

Our pest control services are without a doubt, concentrated on rooting out the source of problems before ever attempting a thorough disinfection of the household. Not only are our pest control technicians highly qualified to do the work that they do, but they have an instinct and passion for it. They feel good knowing that they are providing the residents of Placer County with safer homes, which is why they sleep so well at night. They know that the pest control services that they provide are not only effective, but family-friendly! Contact us today for more information.