1. Dangerous Spiders Require Our Pest Control in Placer County

    When most people think about spiders, they think about their creepy-crawly movements and their ugliness as a creature. Spiders have long been the cause of much fear for human beings, as they are not the most cuddliest of creatures, to say the least. They can not be tamed and can not be made to be a pet either, which makes them even more unattractive to people. Furthermore, spiders are often the ca…Read More

  2. The Best Rats Have Got Nothing On Our Pest Control In Placer County

    There's nothing worse for a home than a giant rat infestation. Rats not only tear the interiors of walls apart, furthering the actual physical damage to homes, but they also carry with them... many disgusting diseases. This infestation can cause so many health-related problems for the inhabitants of a home, it's almost innumerable. It's the health related problems that has us concerned, as we don'…Read More