If you’ve been following our past blog posts, then you already know that our incredible rodent control services can help to rid the mice and rats that have been hiding out in your home. We’ve already told you very common places where rodents like to hide out in, including high places like closets and cabinets where they tend to make their bedding. Today we’ll be giving you some insight on how the rodents got into your home in the first place.

Those Crafty Rodents

Rats and mice are very small rodents that live in fields and woods near housing developments everywhere, so it comes to no surprise that rodents find their way inside homes all of the time. Most commonly, rodents enter homes through small holes in the foundation or doorways. Drains are another common place where rodents seem to maneuver through to find their way into a warmer environment. Garage doors are also an easier place for them to fit through. The holes don’t need to be very big for them to fit. In fact, rodents have been known to get into holes as small as your finger tip, which can make it hard to find every single hole in your home that rodents can enter through.

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