Did you just see something out of the corner of your eye? If it was a small and quick scurrying motion, I can almost promise it wasn’t Mickey Mouse, but it was probably one of his cousins. Mice tend to invade and hide in homes during summer and winter to escape the excruciating Mother Nature elements. Chances are you didn’t invite the mice in, so what can you do about rodent control for your home in Sacramento?

There are three ways for you to exterminate the mice in your home.

Trap The Mice

This is the most humane way for you to get rid of mice as you are not blatantly killing. Strap on your safari hat and get to hunting. If you saw the mouse out of the corner of your eye, follow it back to its nest. Then, create a homemade trap such as an enclosed maze that lures the mouse in with bait and then closes it inside. Release it outside, and wah lah! Your house is mouse free.

Kill The Mice

Well, not so humane as just trapping the mouse, but it sure gets the job done. The ever-popular snap trap with some cheese or peanut butter usually does the trick. In addition to just placing the cheese on the trap, try gluing it to the bottom so the mouse cannot sneak away with a midnight snack and leave you with an empty trap.

Prevent The Mice From Entering

Mice thrive on our garbage. Whether that’s extra trash left out of the can or crumbs on the floor, mice will scavenge for it all. Clean up after yourself – it’s better for your health and the mice will not survive off you. Otherwise, ensure your home is properly sealed. Do a perimeter walk to check for foundation cracks or openings under doors. Mice are tiny and can fit through small spaces. Finally, you can apply a rodent control spray in the dark corners and cracks to repel those mice.

It’s not too difficult to extricate the mice once they’ve entered. If the problem is too big for you to handle, Noble Way Pest Control is happy to help with your rodent control in Sacramento.