Mice deserve to live in the free outdoors where the sun shines, wind blows and grass grows. However, sometimes mice forget how much they love living outside and take a field trip into your home. When you notice mice are visiting, it’s time for some rodent control in your Sacramento home.

First things first – chances are that cute mouse is venturing in alone to scope out the situation. However, if you delay in the immediate removal, then you’ll have many mice in no time. Noble Way Pest Control offers you a free inspection if you believe rodents are infesting your home.

While it’s pretty simple to setup a snap trap and kill the rodents, it ends up messy and sometimes unsuccessful. Mice, just like many other animals (including humans), live where resources are available. When you kill a mouse in your home, it opens up the space around your home for more mice to move in which means you may have more coming into your house. Problem not solved.

Instead, a humane mouse trap will keep the ecosystem alive since you can catch the mice alive and release them back into their outdoor oasis. You can purchase humane traps from your local hardware store or online. If you’re feeling creative, you can make a trap at home.

A quick go-to home trap requires only three materials: a glass cup or bowl, a quarter and some melted chocolate. Drip some chocolate onto the side of the cup. Use the coin to prop up the side of the cup. Balance the edge of the cup on the edge of the quarter to give a nice lift. The mouse will crawl inside, and when it attempts to get the chocolate off the side, it will knock the quarter off edge and trap the critter inside. Place this contraption near where you’ve seen the mouse. To finish the job, simply slide a thin slice of cardboard or paper (we recommend a paper folder) and take it outside.

Now you are an expert on performing your own rodent control!