Belonging to the family Sciuridae, squirrels are considered to be small to medium sized rodents. This family includes chipmunks, ground squirrels, tree squirrels, marmots, flying squirrels, woodchucks, and prairie dogs. This entire family of rodents has been considered by many to be some of the most annoying pests a home or property can experience. From their incessant twittering to their habitual movements to their chewing of electrical cords, the Sciuridae family can be some of the most costly creatures to endure.

The Red Fox Squirrel

In Sacramento, the red fox squirrel is considered to be one of the most ruthless rodents around. Its habits are physically penetrating to gardens, garages, homes, and even commercial properties. They burrow deep into holes, sometimes creating even bigger holes than were there originally. They tear and rip apart the vegetation in flower beds and eat through gardens like no other rodent. This is why we recommend Noble Way rodent control in Sacramento, because we can eliminate this problem from continually getting worse.

Noble Way Solution

This costly problem to endure isn’t just financial, but mental and physical. If you have consistently annoying sounds that you are dealing with every morning, you’re probably not getting very good rest. This lack of sleep can in turn create a level of exhaustion that most people would consider to be unlivable. Since exhaustion creates a lack of focus and concentration in people’s brains, it can have a domino-effect of negative effects in other areas of their lives, such as work environments, home environments, and relationships. Contact us today for the solution to your squirrel problems.