Since we know that you are most likely afraid of rodents, we know you’ll appreciate our understanding of them. It has taken years of experience and years of successful eradications in order for us to feel more than confident we can handle whatever rodent infestation you may have. Our rodent control in Sacramento will root-out the source of the infestation in order for the complete obliteration of the problem to take place.

Here are some of the signs you may have a rodent infestation:

  • There are several random holes throughout your home’s cracks and trim, which means that there are several ways for the rodents to move throughout the home. These small holes are basically highways and tunnels for rodents to travel from room to room

  • Some holes through your garbage bin in the kitchen and some holes in your garbage bins outside

  • There will be little droppings of feces underneath your kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and closets throughout your home

  • Small clattering noises will be heard at the most silent times in your house, like midnight

  • An eerie smell throughout your home will be very easy to detect

Since rodents have such a well-developed sense of smell, it’s no wonder why they can sense food within homes. They’ll scour throughout an entire home in order to find some food. They are driven to find food like no other mammal, as some rodent species can chew through metal piping in order find some food.

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