Let’s face it, when it starts to get cooler outside and temperatures drop at night, it is more likely that all the little rodents will start to find the smallest holes and imperfections in your home, so that they can stay warm at night too! These little creatures could be the smart neighborhood squirrel that always seems to tease your dogs, mice that seem to burrow through every bag of dog food you’ve ever put in the garage, or moles that seem to find their way under your porch. Whatever the pest is, we are sure that we can handle it!

Rodent Control

Rodent control is one of our specialties here in Sacramento, and we are proud to say that at Noble Way Pest Control, we have your back! Rats, mice, squirrels and many other rodents can carry awful disease like the plague, and they can infest your home with additional unwanted pests, like fleas and many more unwelcome bugs that you could live without. If you are worried about the pests and rodents that have made it in your home, put your stress at ease! If your pests and rodents return to your Sacramento home, so will we, and we won’t charge you for it. We want to protect you, our customer, as much as we can from the scary diseases and annoyance that these tiny animals can cause.

Placer County Pest Control Experts

What are you waiting for? If you have a pest problem in the area of Placer County, it is time for you to contact us and leave your pest control problems to the professionals here at Noble Way Pest Control. Learn more about the pests that are driving you crazy and schedule your appointment online with us today!