Spring has finally arrived, which only means that the flowers are blooming, the trees are budding and all of the pests and rodents that you thought you got rid once and for all are back! Although spring is a beautiful season that brings the most perfect temperatures, the pests that it can awake aren’t very thrilling.

Heed The Warning Signs

Pests and rodents are known to get into your home, but you never really know how they do it. You may find mice droppings in cupboards that you didn’t think was possible to squeeze into, but somehow they seem to do it without much effort at all. But even worse than finding them is getting rid of them. Once you find out that you have a rodent control problem in your home you should immediately call for help. Setting up traps to get rid of your rodent problem may work at first, but mice and rats will get smart.  It isn’t worth the risk to hope that you have gotten all of the rodents out of your home without knowing for sure that they aren’t breeding in the walls!

Contact Noble Way for Help!

If you have a rodent problem, it is worth it to call the professionals for help! Give us a call here at Noble Way Pest Control in Sacramento and get the assistance that you need to end your rodent problem once and for all! We will walk the property of your home and see try to locate where they are entering your home as well as find where they are making your home their home. Schedule your appointment with us online today!