Do you ever wish that when mice came into your house, it was easy to find them? You would find them sitting in their little archway-shaped hole in the trim; eating a piece of swiss cheese and  watching TV. The cat would occasionally chase them and hilarity would ensue. I would recommend, if this is the case, that you keep the dynamite on the top shelf, but that cat is pretty crafty. Odds are, if mice live in your house they are staying out of sight, (or at least keeping their tiny door locked). The important thing is to figure out where the critters are getting in, and no they don’t have an archway door leading to the outside of the house. Time to call Citrus Heights finest pest control team, Noble Pest Control.

The Rodent ExpertsRODENT CTA

Our team of pest control experts will be able to identify the weak points in your home that are allowing the rodents to invade. We will then treat your home with an all natural pest deterrent spray. Essentially creating a buffer zone into which the little critters dare not tread. The mice will not be able to sneak in and steal the swiss cheese anymore.

The Safe Alternative

Rodents and bugs are not necessarily the result of dirty or unsanitary conditions. Sometimes it is simply a crack on the outside of your home big enough for rodents to get in. Noble Way Pest Control can help you prevent rodent infestation and keep your family safe! Call today!