Your patio is an oasis from the hectic world outside of the backyard. The grill flares with intensity and the burgers sizzle in the heat of the evening. The smell wafts off of the grill and makes you forget that a few hours ago there was a family of mice (mouses or meese, whichever you prefer) taking up residence inside your grill. The wasps in the trees were buzzing around like a squadron of Zeros over Iwo Jima, defending the grill and the mice inside from certain extermination. A few months ago, when you last used your grill, it was clean and tucked away under its cover. The critters moved in and you had to spend a good part of the afternoon cleaning out the grill.


This situation could have been avoided with a simple call to the premier pest control team in Citrus Heights, Noble Pest Control. An empty grill in the spring is like an apartment building with exceptional amenities. Critters love it! They move outside of the warm confines of the house and find a summer rental. The key is to get a jump on the little beasts before they move into your house. It is never too late to begin a pest control regimine.

What’s Next?

First and foremost, the first thing you need to do is call Noble Way Pest Control. We will put together a comprehensive pest control plan. Available for any budget, we will provide exceptional pest control services for you and your family. Contact us today for more information!