Control bed bugs with pest control from Noble Way pest control

Pests are disgusting. Having uninvited guests is bad enough, but when they are the creepy crawly kind it is so much worse. Many insects remain dormant during winter and then rear their ugly heads when temperatures begin to climb in the spring. While any pests have the potential to invade your home, according to a survey done by multiple exterminators the most common unwelcomed household pests are cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, termites, and millipedes.


Ants can be spread throughout your home. Even if you find a food source, that doesn’t mean that you have found all of the ants. Different ants are attracted to different types of food. It is best to call an exterminator for pest control; they will track down and kill every last ant lurking in your home.

Bedbugs & Termites

Bedbugs can be acquired anywhere. They can hop on at the movie theater, on the bus, or at a restaurant. If you believe that you have bed bugs, do not try to self-treat. It will only make the situation worse and cause the bugs to spread. Termites eat their way into and around your home. Neither are welcome. The best way to eliminate both termites and bed bugs is to have a professional fumigate your home with chemicals.


Cockroaches are the worst pests to get rid of because it can take months. Essentially gassing your home with a pesticide is the best option for these nasty creatures. Once the pest control company has gassed your home, you have to wait for the cockroaches to be openly exposed to the pesticide before they will die, so until they come out of hiding they will remain alive.


These creatures can have up to four hundred tiny, disgusting legs. They thrive in moisture. If your yard has mulch, it is a good idea to move it away from your house to prevent these bugs from being tempted to find a new moist home within your house. Pest control should be able to prevent these nasty bugs by spraying outside and in any areas you think they may be hiding. In the meantime, grab your vacuum and suck these guys right up.

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