Termites, they have the power to make a carpenter stream tears down his beard, leaving little trails of sawdust behind. Like a birthday party for third-grade boys, they can take over your home and leave it shaking on its foundation. The little beasts are difficult to find initially, and our pest control technicians are trained to seek out their subtle clues. The subterranean termite is the usual suspect in the Sacramento area

Mud Tubes

Yes you heard that right, mud tubes. The invaders hide themselves in specially engineered mud tubes. Ok, so there is no special engineering to the mud tubes, just saliva, dirt, wood pulp, and feces of the termite. Eew. If you happen to see anything resembling little veins on the side of your house it is time to call Noble Way Pest Control. Keep in mind, termites are sensitive to disruption and will move areas, making it seem like they are gone. Just as we all know from Vegas, it is hard to leave a good buffet and the colony has probably just moved.

They Eat Wood

Yeah, wood, who does that? The integrity of your home is at stake if you notice things like the mud tubes. The majority of the time it will not be apparent at all that you have a termite infestation. It is best to have an inspection every few years or more frequently if you wish. If you do suspect you are not the only family living in your house, give Noble Way Pest Control a call and we can evict all the little pests.