Have you ever been sitting there watching T.V. and just as the moderately-famous people dancing show ends there is a moment of quiet. The noise of excruciatingly upbeat ballroom dancing is silenced for a few moments and then you hear it. The noise is hard to explain but it sounds a bit like scratching in your walls. It kind of freaks you out but you go on rooting for the shirtless blond guy dancing with the aging ex-T.V. judge. Then you hear it again and slowly bring your feet up off the floor and to your chest. This could only mean one thing, a rodent infestation. Time to call Sacramento’s own, Noble Way Pest Control.

What Do You Do?!

Rodent and pest infestations can be incredibly unnerving. The path to a clean home does not usually involve letting in wildlife and make no mistake rodents are wildlife. They are like bad house guests. They get into all of the food and make a huge mess of the pantry, they poop on the floor, um, well you get the idea.


The thing is, getting rid of rodent who have taken up residence in your home is generally not something that you can do on your own. It is essential that you contact the professionals at Noble Way Pest Control to help you eradicate the little interlopers, for good.


Messy traps and poisonous baits are only good if you are absolutely certain that they will not harm family members or pets. At Noble way Pest Control, we have over 20 years of experience evicting unwanted critters from your home. We strive to make you more comfortable in your home and keep your family safe from unwanted “house guests”.


So if you happen to catch some scratching on your walls during your favorite shows, pick up the phone and call Noble way Pest Control and sleep easy!