Why Bugs Love Your Home

As spring comes to an end and things start to heat up with the start of summer, there are many critters that begin making their way into your house. There are a couple of reasons why you might find an influx of bugs in and around your home as the months transition from warm to cold. These critters enter your home in a number of ways — through the vents, open doors and windows, or on the backs of your pets. Bugs and spiders have an optimal temperature that they prefer, and the closer they get to this temperature, the more they breed. Further, insects mature quicker in warmer weather and can travel further, leading to invasive infestations. However, there is a cut-off point in terms of the temperature they thrive in. When critters near this temperature, usually around 95 degrees Fareinheight, they cease to thrive and go looking for shelter. Bugs will do anything they can to escape the summer heat and maintain their internal temperatures, including changing their behavior and coming inside to seek shelter. If you struggle with nasty infestations, here are some pest control ideas you can adopt to keep your house pest-free.

But First: Call for an Inspection

There is no shortage of pest spray pesticides, bug traps, and exterminators for you to utilize at your convenience. Before you decide on a course of action to get rid of your pests, call Noble Way Pest Control, the best pest control company in Sacramento, for a pest inspection to better diagnose your pest problem. If you have an infestation in multiple parts of your house, a bug bomb might be the best way to go. If you just have some problems with one room, a bug trap or a bug spray could be very effective. If you don’t like spraying chemicals in your house, there are some natural steps you can take. 

How to Protect Your Home from Summertime Pests

The first, and potentially cheapest option you could take advantage of is sealing up any cracks in pipes and walls, and gaps between doors and windows with caulk. Sealing these spaces prevent bugs from wandering in, not to mention it prevents the cool air in your house from leaking out. Cleaning up food messes in your home is also a good preventative tactic, as bugs won’t have anything to feed on should they make themselves at home. Make sure your food is stored away in sealed containers, and for an extra preventative step, store food in your freezer.  For those pesky fruit flies that like the hang out in your kitchen, leave out a glass of white wine. It’s a perfect trap for fruit flies who can’t resist exploring the drink before drowning. At least it will be a sweet death.  

In addition to searching for food, bugs are looking for water. Many bugs like to live in damp places around your house, which is why it’s critical to dry areas of your house that produce the most moisture. Fix leaky pipes and dry damp areas in your house by running a dehumidifier. Standing water invites mosquitoes and gnats inside your home as well, so clear out glasses of liquids and damp recyclables and trash. Perhaps the easiest way to clear bugs out of your house, however, is to kill the bugs you see. Getting close enough to a bug to kill it might make you uncomfortable, but it could prevent your bug problem from getting worse. After all, the best kind of bug is a dead bug. 

There is no shortage of tactics available for you to utilize to clear your house of unwanted bugs. For the best pest control in Sacramento that you can trust, call Noble Way Pest Control. We will listen to your concerns, assess your pest issue, and act appropriately to ensure that there are no unwanted bugs and insects making your house their home.