dreamstime_1394959I was once a cat person. I say that with the utmost seriousness, I was a cat person, but I am no longer. My home used to have seven of the little fuzzy creatures roaming the hallways. The unfortunate part is the fact that I actually love cats. They are like little serial killers, always creeping around but personable and cuddly when they want to be. I loved my cats but my boyfriend moved in, carrying with him a severe cat allergy. Now, I must admit that it crossed my mind to become a fully independent, crazy cat lady and hand back his key; I relented and called Noble Way Pest Control.

Ineffective Boyfriend

I was completely excited about what Noble Way Pest Control would be able to do for me. My boyfriend initially thought that I had called them to get rid of my cats, because that is how he looks at cats, as pests. Well, little does he know, that those precious little serial killers were just that, the special forces of rodent control. You see, I hate rodents and my kitties were the best possible alternative to having to mess with those nasty traps. My boyfriend tried to be as supportive as possible but was not cutting it with rodent control. Turns out he is literally terrified of rodents and pests of any kind.

The Cats Win

Noble Way Pest Control came to my home and performed a comprehensive rodent inspection. They made realistic recommendations about what they were able to do with my home and getting rid of the little beasts that were taking advantage of my cats being gone. After they were able to get my rodent problem under control, I was out enjoying the day and happened upon the most adorable little kitten for sale. Needless to say, my boyfriend decided to hit the road and you can find me curled up with my cats in a bathrobe from now on.