dreamstime_xxl_1337957It is a bright sunny day. The birds are chirping, the bees are busy pollinating your tulips and the summer sun is starting to sink below the horizon earlier everyday. Contrary to the cartoons we grew up watching, spring is not the only time that all of the animals are preparing for mating season. A lot of little critters are currently looking for a nice cozy home to spend the winter in and, guess what that means for you. It means the finest pest control in Sacramento are the knights of Noble Way Pest Control, we are experts in rodent and pest mitigation.

A Rare Breed

The frightening thing about the coming cooler weather is the influx of rodents, spiders and cockroaches attempting to invade your home. Like that dirtbag brother-in-law of yours who picks his feet on the dinner table, none of these visitors is desirable in your home. Once the rodents move in, a strange thing begins to happen behind your walls. Now the interesting temperament of the mice that are indigenous to Central California is little known, but let me tell you fella, they are mean. If you have ever seen Sons of Anarchy then you know what you are dealing with. They will take over your home with an indifference to you and your family. They will begin to bring in more and more friends and eventually the whole gang will be there. You may begin to find little beer cans all over in the morning and catch the sound of rockabilly guitar in the middle of the night; because those wild rodents are partying in your walls.

Don’t Wait Until Winter!

The time is now to call us at Noble Way Pest Control, before the gang of mice grows into a small army. Don’t wait until the weather gets cooler, start on a comprehensive pest control plan today! Contact us today!