The last thing that any family wants to experience is an infiltration of wasps, bees and/or hornets, which is why we feel great about providing the necessary pest control in Sacramento to extinguish this problematic concern. Families are right in thinking that they should be weary and even scared of pests such as these, as the encompass venoms and stingers that can seriously disrupt a human being’s immune system, even critically attacking it in some cases. If you or your family is allergic to bees or hornets, you’ll find that there is no room for a potential disaster to happen!

Hidden wasp, hornet and bee nests have dangerous attributes and characteristics:

  1. They sometimes hide in or in between the voids behind walls

  2. They’ll completely destroy the airways and air circulation within the voids of walls

  3. They’ll stop and block up necessary holes and/or cracks in the walls

  4. They can cause odors and bacteria build-ups that can affect the atmosphere within the home, sometimes causing all sorts of respiratory problems

  5. They can expound their nest into multiple nests, sometimes creating a gigantic nesting place for thousands upon thousands of bees, wasps, or hornets

In order for us to treat a massive problem like this at your home, some demolition is sometimes required. However, we will first and always try and do it by spraying an insecticidal dust. This dust can be sprayed into a few pre-drilled holes that are drilled near the nest in the void.

For wasp nests, these are the 3 types of insecticide dusts that can be sprayed:

  1. Chlorpyrifos

  2. Bendiocarb

  3. Boric acid

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