From the very beginning of our arrival, you’ll be treated with the utmost respect and dignity you deserve. Our highly trained technicians are not only well versed in this particular profession, but well versed in the art of communication. They not only know how to take care of any infestation you may have, but they’ll take care of any future concerns you may have, all while being courteous and kind to you and your family. With well over 20 years of providing the best pest control in Sacramento, our extensive experience is only becoming of our progress as a company.

Freaky Critters

We know that most families that come into contact with rodents, rats, squirrels, and other small mammals of significance, are rather “freaked out” about it. This overbearing stress can cause drama and sometimes fighting within a household, so we know just how worrisome the problems you are going through really are. It’s most likely effecting the mojo of the entire household. This shows that these types of invasions are not only physically harmful to the inhabitants of the household, but psychologically and socially harmful as well.

Let Noble Way Handle It!

You’ll be happy to know that we can and will most likely use a natural pyrethrin plant product to remove well over 50 types of invading pests. This blend and derived plant product is all-natural and will not harm any aspect of your home or inhabitants. Finally, after your initial service and treatment, we will return and follow up with a De-Webb application that treats your home for the aftermath. Contact us today for more information.