rodent control sacramento

Pest and rodent control is easier than you may first think. Although pests seem to find their way into your home one way or the other, there are some ways you can increase pest and rodent control into your home. Noble Way has some tips for Pest Control.

Don’t Feed The Pests

This seems simple. Why would you deliberately feed your ants that crawl your floor? You don’t do it on purpose, but you can accidentally feed them by leaving food out and open on your counter. Ants can climb anywhere, but you really make it easy for them when you forget to sweep your floors after dinner.

Shut Your Doors

Pests and rodents can control your home if you leave the doors wide open and invite them inside. If you’re going to be outside for longer than 30 seconds, shut your door. When you’re doing yard work, it’s nice to keep your garage door open. Generally, if you keep the door between your home and garage shut, the pests and rodents will stay out in the garage. If you don’t want pests and rodents in your garage, shut the garage door. It really is that simple.

Do An Exterior Check-Up

Bugs love to crawl in through cracks in your foundation, cracks in your walls, air vent holes, gaps where cables run in and other miscellaneous spaces. By doing a perimeter sweep, you can find large cracks to fill and keep those pests out for good.

When all else fails and pests and rodents still make it into your home, Noble Way Pest Control is here to keep your Sacramento home pest free.