rodent control sacramentoWell the election is finally over, the clocks have turned back on us and it is time to figure out your pre-winter, pest control strategy. There are many good things about living in Sacramento, the weather, the gorgeous area and the abundance of pest control companies. The importance of keeping your family safe and your home free of pests and rodents should not be left to just anyone. The fly-by-night pest control companies that seem to pop up when they feel like it. They may do a good job but, who are you supposed to call next year when you need pest control services?


Local Sacramento’s Noble Way Pest Control

At Noble Way Pest Control, we are part of the community and have been for well over 20 years. We have established ourselves as Sacramento’s finest pest control services. No matter what situation you are facing, bed bugs, rodents, termites or creepy crawlies, Noble Way is your hometown pest control service. We treat you like family and will strive to make your home as safe as possible. We will be there when you need us. We will treat you with the integrity and respect that you deserve.


We Get Results

If you have had pest control with us throughout the summer, you know that our results speak for themselves. We are committed to providing positive noninvasive pest control for you and your family. That being said, if you haven’t tried the exceptional services we offer, be sure and contact us for a full-service, free home inspection. At which time we will implement a strategy that can be followed throughout the year to ensure a comfortable, pest-free home. If you think it is time to join the Noble Way family, please give us a call, it is best not to wait until the weather gets cooler. So give us a call today and get a jump on the winter rush!