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There a number of disgusting creatures that can find their way into your home. Once they arrive, they unpack their bags and find a place to stay. I mean who wouldn’t want to stay in a nice, temperature controlled house? No matter the pest, it is unwelcome. One specifically nasty guest that seems to show up a lot in houses all over the United States are earwigs. These gross insects come in 20 different species in North America alone. Earwigs in North America can be up to 25mm long.  The three most common types of earwigs are European, red-legged, and striped.

Nocturnal Creepers

These creepy creatures are active at night and hide in dark and damp spaces during the day. They spend the winter burrowing and laying eggs. If an earwig gets into your home before the winter, they will lay and hatch their eggs in your home. The female earwig eats between 30 and 50 eggs at a time. The laying of eggs in your home is what leads to a pest infestation. Beware, they generally look for ways to get inside during season changes. Earwigs, much like miller moths, are attracted to light; that is why you can find them hanging out on your patio during the hot summer months. Once an earwig or earwigs have made their way into your home, you are most likely to find them lurking in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms due to the constant use of water. However, that’s not to say that you won’t find them wandering along the walls or carpet in your bedrooms or living room.

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