dreamstime_8943246Well spring has officially started and you know what that means! It means that the days will be getting longer, the heat will begin ramping up and the little critters will be having babies (No not your sister-in-law, the creepy crawly critters.). A little-known fact about Placer County is that we have a lot of bugs, shocking, right? The number of a good exterminator is extremely important to keep handy when facing a bug or rodent control problem. Noble Way Pest Control are your local pest control experts, with over 20 years of experience chasing the creepy crawlies out of Sacramento. We provide free, in-home inspections and can put together a variety of exceptional packages for every budget. Be sure and contact us soon because the season is starting to kick into high gear!

The Stinkbug

One of the pests that we have been dealing with in Sacramento is the marmorated stink bug. That’s right, those juicy little creepers that are scientifically named Halyomorpha halys, which may mean rotten eggs in Latin, but there is no way to be sure. The beloved stink bugs may just overtake the hornet mascot at Sacramento State if something isn’t done about them soon, which is ironic because a species of wasp is the primary predator of the stinkbug. The armored critter may smell bad when squished but one thing is for certain, they sure do eat healthy. They love vegetables of all kinds and can decimate a fruit crop. The damage to fruit and vegetables is becoming a big hassle for farmers and every year they seem to be increasing.

The Journey

As epic as Tom Joad, the stinkbug has accomplished the journey to the promised land, the fertile oasis that is California—the land of plenty and a place of unending optimism, at least for a stinkbug. The legend goes that Halyomorpha halys hitched a ride to the East Coast somewhere in the late 1990s from either Japan or China, either way we are pretty sure they were glad to get rid of them. Like when your mother in law comes to visit, and all you want to do is send her back to Texas, the stinkbugs have taken over your guest room, leaving it smelling funny. They have only been in Sacramento for a few years but already they have made a name for themselves. Much like the Chargers, it is a debut that will be intently watched when they emerge this spring and eat their way through summer, laying eggs and cavorting with their stinkbug pals.


Keeping the pests out of your home is as easy as sealing the whole thing in cling-wrap and never going inside again. In all seriousness, the Noble Way Pest Control team of experts know exactly what to look for, such as cracks and other accessible places in your home. We seal up the typical entry points and put down a layer of environmentally friendly critter killer. We will do our part to keep you home stinkbug free! Contact us today for more information!