No one is pleased to discover that there are pests or rodents living in their home. You may not see the actual pest at first, but more of a trail of what they have done. Trails of food or feces are good indicators of unwanted pests living in your home. When pests get into your home they find a place to nest, and then they explore your home for food. The first thing to do if you suspect pests in your home is to identify the pests.


There are a number of creepy crawlers and rodents that can weasel their way into our homes. Once you suspect that one has, it is time to play detective. It is important knowing what you are up against so that you can plan how to eliminate the problem.


Once you are aware of what the pests are, it is good to research their habits, food preferences, and living preferences. Then to control the pests or rodents, use that information to your advantage to find where they are hiding within your home. This will also allow you access and cut off any food sources that you believe they are using.

Get Them Out!

Don’t waste any time!  If you find a single rodent is the culprit, you can usually take care of the issue yourself. If you discover an infestation, call the experts at Noble Way Pest Control of Sacramento immediately to eliminate your pest problem once and for all. We will evict your current pests, and prevent new ones from making their way into your home. We fight the pests both inside and out! Contact us for a free quote today!