pest control Sacramento

We pride ourselves on having beautiful homes. We keep them well kept, collect nice decor, and look forward to having our own sanctuary to go home and relax in after a long day’s work. Unfortunately, pests and rodents love our warm, well-decorated homes too. Keep the rodents and pests away with Noble Way Pest Control of Sacramento.

Rat Infestation

Rats are one of the worst visitors to find in your home. They are dirty animals and are responsible for the transmission of many diseases. Rats are very destructive, but sneaky, so while you may not actually see the rat or rats you can pick up on the clues that they leave behind. Quick and sure ways to identify a rat infestation are rat droppings or dead or live rats. If your rats aren’t this obvious, you can look for signs such as gnaw marks or holes on wood or plastic floorboards. Rats have huge, unmistakable teeth. Don’t chance your home to rats. Call Noble Way today for pest and rodent control in Sacramento.

Pest Control

Pests are just as bad a rodents. They nest, leave droppings, and can actively ruin your home by laying eggs  and eating drywall, wood, and furniture. They find their way into your home by burrowing through open doorways, cracked or broken housing materials. No matter how they get in, you need to get them out immediately! Don’t wait any longer, contact the pest and rodent control specialists at  Noble Way of Sacramento! Evict pest now!