When the subject of pest control comes up we generally think about your run-of-the-mill bugs and critters that tend to be found in your home. The creepy crawly spiders, the gross mice, and the ever so lovely cockroach. Then there are the bedbugs. Just the name itself is enough to make you cringe with the heebie jeebies. Just yuck. Now, many of us will see a spider in the basement and not think much of it, after all, spiders are not dangerous right? Well, that depends. Some can be a threat and others are completely innocuous. Most of the time we see a spider and deal with it by smacking it with a shoe or killing it. There is not really a lot of thought if there are more spiders around, which there probably are. If you saw a bed bug in the corner of your mattress would you just deal with it, assuming that this lone bug is the only one of its kind? Of course not, most people go into full blown quarantine mode when bed bugs are discovered. Incidentally, at Noble Way Pest Control we can get rid of your bed bugs quickly and easily so you don’t have to hassle with all of the treatments.           

Which is Worse? Bedbugs or Spiders?

Most of us would rather have spiders around instead of bed bugs, but the truth is, you don’t have to deal with either. At Noble Way Pest Control, we say kill them all, or at least prevent them from making your bedroom their own personal clubhouse. We are Sacramento’s most trusted exterminator and we can get rid of your pest problem for good. Now is the time to consider a pest control plan for the summer.

Safe Pest Control

Many times when homeowners think of pest control, they immediately picture the whole home under a tent with toxic gas filling every part of the interior. While that is definitely necessary sometimes, generally the battle against invading pests is much more subtle and fought in the ground floor. We like to attack the critters where they enter the house, from the outside. We spray the outside of your home to prevent any and all creepy crawlies from gaining access. Now you may remember the cans of pest control spray and being warned not to touch the contents. Well at Noble Way, we use a much different approach than those toxic chemicals. What we use when spraying your property is a Pyrethrin based insecticide that has little or no reaction with humans. Pyrethrin is derived from the chrysanthemum flower and is safe for use around the home.

Eviction Day

Make this summer the last time you have to deal with a bunch of spiders in your basement. At Noble Way pest control, we offer an incredible offer to our clients in which we guarantee your pests are gone, or we come back and retreat your property for free. Our technicians are the finest in the area so do not wait another summer, contact us today.