dreamstime_xxl_28074282The days are going to be shorter now. Don’t worry, it happens every year. We are a week or two away from the beginning of the end of daylight savings time. It is still unclear as to whether or not that means one gets to sleep in or needs to get up earlier. Regardless, someone always forgets about it and shows up either an hour late or an hour early. At Noble Way Pest Control, we lean towards the early, and you can always count on us to be there when you need us.

Critters Moving In

The time change will bring on a whole new set of daylight hours and buddy are they going to be short. This is the time when all of the critters living in your home will be invading like a college bar on free beer night. That is, unless you take the necessary precautions. If you live in the Sacramento area, the necessary precautions include a trip to the hardware store to buy batteries for your smoke alarms and a phone call to Noble Way Pest Control.

placer country rodent control

Noble Way Can Help!

Noble Way Pest Control can help you get over the time change blues. We will come out and evaluate your situation, determining what sort of pest mitigation would suit you best. Be it rodent control, termite inspections, pest spraying or a combination of all three. Our expert technicians will assist in creating a safe, comfortable environment for you and your family. Our goal is to create a buffer around your home that bugs and critters cannot penetrate.

Let Noble Way Take Care of Your Pests Today!

Not an easy task but when you are as committed to pest and rodent control as we are, anything less than the best is not good enough. Call Noble Way Today for your comprehensive pest control evaluation and you and your family can sleep easier knowing we are on the job.